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Five Questions, Five Answers

Crafting, Drafting, Revising, Reading, and Being Kind

  • Candace Robb

    Candace Robb, author of medieval historical books including her Owen Archer series, took a stab at my five questions this month and provided me with plenty new to think about. My biggest takeaway from our conversation? Besides things I learned, I realized I really want to read more of her books! And there are plenty … Continue reading Candace Robb

  • Alice K. Boatwright

    This month I connected with Alice K. Boatwright, with my five questions and some follow-up conversation. Alice’s most recent book is SEA, SKY, ISLANDS: Three stories from the San Juan Islands. She is currently working on the third book in her Ellie Kent mystery series and is the author of many short stories. Her three … Continue reading Alice K. Boatwright

  • Jeffrey D. Briggs 🌑

    I pose my five questions to Jeffrey D. Briggs, author of the Waterfront Mysteries. I loved the first book, Out of the Cold Dark Sea (see my review here) and look forward to reading the latest, Within A Shadowed Forest. Books in the Waterfront Mystery series are available at Amazon, Beach House Greetings, Edmonds Bookshop, … Continue reading Jeffrey D. Briggs 🌑